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Texts & Textiles: A Feminist Salon is a series sponsored by LGV and led by its founder, Dr. Kimberly B. George.


These in-person events weave the experience of learning from feminist history, with the fun of shopping from the LGV collection. 

In the first half of the salon, Dr. George teaches from "vintage" feminist texts, guiding you through key moments in women's history. You'll get to be nourished by the texts of feminist foremothers, like Adrienne Rich, Audre Lorde, Gloria Anzaldúa, and Barbara Smith.


Please bring a journal (or sketch book) because the teaching incorporates your own creative writing reflections. (Dr. George is a feminist ethnic studies writing teacher and writing doula by her academic training.) 

In the second half of the salon, enjoy trying on clothes and shopping from the LGV vintage collection.

The current collection is femme flavored vintage, open to anyone of any gender who enjoys flow-y, bold-colored, femme inspired vintage dresses, jackets, and shirts! The collection will expand to include more flavors, too (we are currently sourcing tuxedos, vests, suspenders, and bowties).

The salons are currently based in NYC and are held at private homes. Please reach out if you'd like to host an event or be on our invitation waitlist.

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